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2003-01-03 - 8:31 a.m.

we walk along the boardwalk swimming through lazy consumers and instant tatoo parlors as the sun paints itself across wavebreaks on the near horizon. the glow of smog and amusement park pad the backdrop like periferal views of mosquito death zaps, a december 28th summer night's symphony. and there are no seasons for the sacrafice of a california girl identity. where is everyone supposed to be as rituals draw to a head and clocks time bomb ticks behind each insect death. style serves nerve floats, something missing in this parade. 22 rooms used for noisemaking 15 minutes behind schedule. architects winter refuge from chewing gum event filled suburban stagnancy. tournaments of identity renovations restored to an invented former glory. embracing structural integrity as pores expand. added wings for flight restricted assignments stimulate growing dissention and bait unraveling. survival stations broadcast my fortune cookie, the world will soon be ready for your talents.

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