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2003-03-03 - 1:27 p.m.

last night i was talking about how i don't trust my reflexes in danger. due to the fact that i am so cerebral, cautious and wise(thankyouverymuch), i am rarely in situations that condition reflex. and guess what god did? about an hour ago i got attacked by a filthy little thief. he grabbed my bag and when i grabbed back, he moved in harder and closer. so i yanked him and went to wallop him while letting out a sudden super loud shout. he dropped his hands and backed away while i snarled at him. so maybe gong fu is already penetrating my psyche. nine-tenths of reality is belief.

three things for the record.

1. this is an extension of my headbodyhopesdreams. if the nightclub doesn't happen, let it go.

2. n-poledancer is a wikked sezzy fellow dreamweaver.

3. i miss frequencies.

< yeah >