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2003-03-04 - 2:05 p.m.

my napping dreams are the most interesting. i awoke at seven, feeling really cold-sick and crummy. since that time, sunrise, is my official start, the dreaming i had when i fell back to sleep was nap-dreaming. sick-nap-dreaming. the most bizarre. those are always slow-motion and lucid. i am half asleep trying to wake up and eveyone is irritated with me. it was a spill-over from minority report. we walked in to a room where all these chinese women were dressed in pink, kneeling toward a very handsome american laying on a small bed before them. as he quickly turned over to hide his arousal, i realized it was a fantasy club. i didn't leave. but tom cruise was trying to get me to come with him and i was half dressed. i could barely respond. like i was caught in a spider web. he was getting pissed. he had to go get his son. so we tried to leave in a elevator which kept breaking down. finally, we cascaded to the main floor, where his six-year-old awaited. his son was brainy and amazing. we made plans to go to a hands on space museum downntown. but tom was so pissed off and confused with me for being stuck in slow-motion. i even ran out to his car with no pants on. i thought i was using his kid to make a real connection with him and i woke up to a wall of white noise. water dumping form the dirty sky. some of the rainy season is beginning. delicious. it keeps everybody off of the streets. this was a weird entry. i'll probably delete it, eric. yeah you.

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