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2004-05-18 - 9:42 a.m.

the truth about columbine link is kind of crap. may i remind you, this site is my headspace that you have stumbled upon. mine.

i had extreme sleep deprivation vertigo at 8pm last night and fell into unconsciousness until 3am. i was hoping to sleep like a normal person. as in, through the night. straight on until the healing, well-slept light of a late morning. but instead, my ex-husband called me from amsterdam. we talked for a long time. it was beautiful, really. our love is deep and timeless. and not at all like a couple. but when he does finally have a child, it will hurt.

i will see my father soon. and i will get access to my laptop where i wrote drunken entries from the executive lounge in tokyo's narita airport. ice cold beer on draught. painfully slow internet access that would not post entry. ugly white men. no food. 25 hours of traveling. i feel inside out right now.

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