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2004-05-16 - 2:48 p.m.

hey you. can i take up a moment of your precious time and realize and define the whole truth. yeah. take up a moment and clarify this for you.
-the pharcyde.

good hip hop is a sexual experience. its frequencies are aimed to resonate in the same places. bass stroked base. beats against cage. soul soothed. lyric fed. when it's hot, it's hot. when it's deep, it's deep. i wonder what makes us magnetized toward different styles. how, for people who get off on music, the range is so great. i want to take polaroids at the intersection of identitiy definitions. what is it about that fucking song. that moves me. that made everything else just noise. that i want to identify with. that i didn't know i'd be healed by. that made me dance that hard. that transcended my vision. that burned into my history. how mix cd's are not just a good gift, they are a soul window. how prolific the manipulation of sound. incredible, really, how so often i am at its mercy.

muse sick.

listening to : hip hop mix i made for going away party last night.
reading : dope lyrics.
reeling from : last night's dream.

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