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2004-02-19 - 10:02 a.m.

i can't see. i mean, i can't focus on anything within three feet. i went to the doctor yesterday morning for an eye exam 16 years overdue. and the way it is supposed to happen didn't. it is almost 24 hours later and my eyes are huge black circles. there is a thin sliver of green surrouding the abyss. this i cannot see but have been told. and last night, we went to times sqaure to see Avenue Q on broadway. i think you are only supposed to see times square with eyes like mine. i have never seen so much sparkle and blur. not even at burning man. this is like a bad trip that won't end. even with my lids closed, the light keeps pouring in. strange how too much light can make you blind. a solar eclipse gone awry.

thank god i finally almost know how to type without looking. forgive any errors. i will go back and read this as soon as i am able. [i stole the eclipse from someone. it made perfect sense.]

an update: i have just returned from the doctor to find out how truly special i am. i am only the third in three years. this vision issue may last for several days. my sight hurts but there is no danger. i'm going positively mad. and in totally unrelated news, what the hell is up with people saying fruits and vegetables. fruit is plural, people.

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