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2004-02-18 - 5:03 a.m.

i love new york city. new york city. i even love saying it. i love going to midday movies alone. in new york city. meeting old friends for drinks. i don't love talking about myself. ha, who who have guessed. but i am dead serious. i hate it. i like expressing my very convicted opinions on things if the information is fresh to me, but i hate repeating my story. and i move around this world so much, fortunately people keep wanted to hear pieces of it. and it is very confrontaional to be in a place that doesn't feel good, and have to keep telling the story of NOW. my now is insecure and not sure-footed. it is confused and frustrated. my now keeps looking toward the future and i try to remind it of its location. be right here.

and if you are in NYC thursday night, be there then.

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