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2004-02-22 - 11:35 p.m.

the reason i am back in the usa was for the wedding this weekend. i have not seen any of my relatives in 6.5 years. i am slightly amazed at how the last two days transpired leaving me stunned, impressed, moved and comforted. [my french aunt says DC was built by fascists, calling it mussolini town, extracting and copying only the worst of europe]. but the horrendous drive back from DC to NY set me back a bit emotionally. the driver was, fortunately, not related to me. only married to my mother. a very kind and generous man, with a brain of lard. it left a very bad taste in my mouth and i will have to write more later.

today is day 5. my vision has NOT returned to normal. i'd say, another two days will restore my pupils to full function. can you say FUCK.

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