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2004-02-03 - 6:47 p.m.

a momentary calm before the storm. tomorrow i will pack and clean. buy some gifts. pick up my custom-made qipao(chinese dress). have a relaxed dinner with my chinese heroines. show my subletter the lay of the land. get a good night sleep. and awake thrusday morning to the beginning of a phenominal ride that will include almost everyone i know outside of san francisco and china.

NEW YORK - reconnect with family and old friends. D.C.- cousin's wedding and reunion with my best friend and godson. L.A.- the complete and total posession of my soul sib, gg. TOKYO - a one-week steamy full-throttle affair with an online lover who has been courting me exquisitely. exquisitely. this will all end up in BEIJING the second week of march. i am the wim wender's femme fatale, you had better believe it.

in case you were wondering.

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