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2002-11-05 - 5:01 p.m.

rock the vote. seriously. and don't be bullied in to a bi-partisan election. there is the green party. there is the natural law party. there are choices. that is democracy. i had to really comparison shop with the props. they get confusing sometimes...if you vote yes on prop whatever, you're saying you want them to not allow the allowance of something not to be done by doing it. fuckers. so i checked out some people i liked, already in office, and i did a little reading with a little comparison shopping. and i think i did a good job.

my last entry was way too morose for these beautiful november sunsets. my life is a carnival when i choose to partake in it. i built it that way. my friends are clowns, national and global rockstars, fire-dancers, nude chefs, therapists, dj's, large-scale metal quite large scale sculptors, illustrators, film-makers, felons, dirty little bitches...my muses are everywhere. when we are not marching naked across the desert, we are sailing accross the bay. we are shaking tambourines and screaming through bullhorns. we are a critical mass and we are fReaKiNg the streets. i think i can get by with a little help from my friends.

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