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2003-02-24 - 1:36 p.m.

.that november night looking up into the sky, you said hey i wish that was me up there, it's the biggest rocket i could find. and it's holding the night in its arms, if only for a moment. i can't see the look in its eyes, but i'm sure it must be laughing. it seemed to me the saddest thing i'd ever seen and i thought you were crazy, wishing such a thing. i saw only a stick on fire, alone on its journey. home to the quickening ground, with no one there to catch it. i put on my pointed hat and my black and silver suit. i check my gunpowder pack and strap the stick on my back. and dressed as a rocket on waterloo bridge, nobody seems to see me. then, with the fuse in my hand, and now shooting into the night. and still as a rocket, i land in the river. was it me said you were crazy? i put on my cloudiest suit, size 5 lightning boots too. cause i am a rocket. look at me go, with my tail on fire.

.kate bush.

gong fu on saturday was intense and i felt the first reward from the work. remembering the moves. my form is the form of a beginner. no core strength. no solid horse. no body awareness. all of this comes with work and time. sifu has instructed me to come every night until i leave and he will make sure i learn the first set. this style will not be available in the north and he feels it is important for my foundation, regardless of the style. the school of choy lee fut says it is for true fighting. not for show. like northern shaolin. i taught them the word biased. the northern style is intended for taller people. it may be a more efficient use of moves for me but i will have to get back to you on that. besides inner peace, balance, strength of mindbodysoul, my fantasy is that i will protect my boyfriend in a very short but sweet bar fight. i'm kidding. you knew that, right?

good. then, i love you like an upper cut.

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