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2003-05-27 - 12:25 p.m.

for the record, go see the matrix and then read this entry. dated pre 05.15. and you wonder why you follow me.

later that day.

uh-oh. i mean, i think uh-oh. i mean what the fuck. am i sticking around in new york? something is clicking here. i just hooked up with j. j is a fantastic friend from SF who i randomly intersected on the flight here. and we went to ground zero. i may as well fucking go to iraq because ground zero is my specialty. one month. beijing, san fran, los angeles, oakland, manhattan, long island, ground zero-SARS, ground zero-twin towers. and i have seen the matrix 3 times in one week. i know. it is flawed. i could cut out the flaws with a scalpel. but you know what? it's also epic. you heard me. epic. besides the spritual and technological ramifications, this is what is so important: as a VISION OF THE FUTURE the world of zion is an awesome integration of black and white race. the cultural integrity of each race is beautifully preserved. yes, i know the two chinese characters are exploited. yes, i know there were less than 3 strong latino characters. but for the black-white struggle, this movie is not only phenominal, it is important. and if you don't understand, that's ok. you will. and if i move to new york until buning man, i will be sure and make that epic too.

i love you like a child of god.

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