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2006-06-07 - 9:19 p.m.


This past weekend, when I was in LA, i received a frantic call from a close friend warning me to leave Southern California IMMEDIATELY. His community had received a message from their guru with a message of some great disturbance that would be affecting some area between San Diego and Santa Barbara. All devotees had evacuated the area this weekend. I didn't leave. First of all, his guru is not my god. and second of all, I was with people I love. What a great opportunity to be brave and show that love, god forbid something should happen.

Nothing happened.

But it got me thinking. And this is, again, expanding on yesterday's thoughts. How prepared am I for some kind of disaster? We are in a fragile place in time. We are at war with our own government. We live in a state with earthquakes. Mother nature could devise anything she wanted really. And what am I going to do about it when she does? What are you?


Pick meeting places. Both in your home or if you get separated and must flee your home.
Create a small network of people you will contact. Both locally and far away.
I have heard of network systems where there is a primary contact.
Put emergency numbers in your cell phones AND in your wallet.
Have disaster supply kits IN YOUR HOME- Flashlight and good batteries! Portable radio!
Kit here.
Learn CPR
In NorCal, click here.
Learn how to treat injuries, stop bleeding, tournaquets, etc.
Plan how to take care of your pets. Find out NOW where you can take them.
Get to know your neighbors. I guarantee, you will want to trust the people close by.
And knowing your neighbors is a great way to live.

Those are some basic things. I suggest reading up on what you can. I also suggest creating these emergency pods, people you will be connected to should something happen. A buddy system so to speak.

I just read the autoboigraphy of the climber who severed his own arm with his pocketknife before repelling another few hundred feet below to be rescued. He kept himself alive for 6 days because he was trained in enough survival to do so.

Sheer will and determination don't need to be the only aid you have.

Open this duscussion with people in your community.
We are burners and friends, let's get prepared
for the other 51 weeks in which we must survive.

I love you dearly,

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