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2004-01-06 - 5:21 p.m.

i am beginning to really worry about money. maybe time to set up a paypal account. but then i have to be really entertaining.

dear exit. word your words like that clip that keeps playing in the back of my genius-seeking viewfinder. i am the real in this movie. all your pictures look like different people. i don't even know on what path i crossed you. one of you. so beijing. i am working living loving learning. writing. trying to make music on my titanium bitch. offering receiving wisdom. playing exceptionally well with others. feeling lost and found. feeling inadequate in my attempt to illustrate a children's book. dreaming of manned-satelite journeys.

teach me japanese.

gimme a clue for guessing your name.
but i do not work for cold hard cash.
i work for honor.

peace and word to your maker.

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