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2004-01-07 - 8:04 p.m.

i was sitting on a chair. your stuff was just about packed. you went to kiss me goodbye. you meant to just say goodbye. really, you did. but you held your lips against mine open one degree too far. one beat too long. and you pulled your head away one thought too slowly. i could feel what you wanted. i could feel it from everywhere in you. i said, let's try that again. you looked me directly in the eyes. you, still standing above me, leaned in to claim your victory. barely opening my mouth with your own. pushing your tongue in against mine. this was a kiss i had wanted to steal from the very first time i heard you described to me. that you were pornographic. obsessed. and i needed to be the object of your...mislead ways. and now i held court with you breathing into me. but i let you leave. i acknowledged little. and you had no idea how far you could have pushed it. you have no idea.

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