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2003-08-15 - 12:13 a.m.

do you remember that place in the park. the one where you slid down the cement on a cardboard slide. where i flipped over the parallel bars and fell on the sand. and we heard people shuffling in the trees above so we jumped on the eliptical swing where the seats faced each other so you could watch the world spin around and round but never lose control. and we pretended we were safe in a wormhole. do you remember that feeling when we looked at each other that all of the suffering had finally made sense. that we had earned this. that even when our day at the park was over, we still had the right to take each other home and touch and wrestle. and how familiar the space where your ass met your thigh. and the curve of my back. and the smell of your hand. and the lines of your hip. and the soft of my belly. how it all was our landscape. do you remember how in the morning i slipped beneath the covers and devoured you to awakening and you told me you had known me before only in dreaming places. do you remember. take me back to that place. i want to remember in my waking life.

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