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2003-11-09 - 11:54 a.m.

listening to yann tierson's cello. sleep deprived. went to a poetry slam. as an audience member. that is about to change. who doesn't think i can throw down with the best of them. best in china, remember. and angry chinese dykes! finally. some real culture. went to da shan zi. coolest spaces in the city. played ping pong with a famous painter and ate seeds with her husband while we took photos of the dead frogs in his freezer. frogs he has positioned prior to freezing. one sitting in lotus. two laughing wildly about something private. one dancing like a ballerina. yes. i said frozen dead frogs. he rescues them as pets from restaurants then lets them die with him. sick and fascinating. then we left and went dancing. oh god finally. need i remind myself every time, this ass is made to be shaken. and it was j, a and myself. he is a huskier, sexier duplicate of amelie's beaux. and we clickety clicked like mad. that is my favorite feeling. dancing to bad hip-hop with french and chinese. reflecting upon the men in my life here. total abandonment on the dancefloor. my church. my people. my country.

dead frozen frog art?

< yeah >