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2004-10-27 - 11:55 p.m.

my roommate and i have been anticipating the arrival of her boyfriend. he is a drummer in some very amazing projects. he arrived today. we all just got home from our separate evening plans. me stoned. them drunk. and when they unlocked the door, i walked over to william. he put out his hand to introduce himself and i walked past it and hugged him. and he held me tight and thanked me. and we all just fell into this love fest. he and i have been so prepped by my roomie to meet and love each other. and we both love her so much. and we were all just laughing and yapping non-stop. it was love at first sight all around. and i told william i've been totally engrossed in his album for 3 weeks non-stop...he proceded to tell me what making the album meant to them. what the process of it was really all about. and it was amazing. we grinned, we all hugged again, grinning. and i backed away grinning and bowing in total respect as i headed in my room to sleep a sound sleep.

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