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2004-10-03 - 7:06 p.m.

the playa exists inside of new york. i played all over it this weekend. i sayed with this fabulous woman and her husband because my friend came into town. we have been mildly long distance courting. but for me, it has been more about sharing sexual energy with a friend i've been getting to know. with him it felt more like he was falling. and it felt like a burden. i felt so callous and harsh after we slept together. it was sweet and harmless. but that is all it was to me. it is his friendship that matters. i felt so detatched. like nothing will ever matter again until it is love.

nothing will ever matter again until it's love.

so then fine, NY. bring it on, i say. i move into your east village next weekend where i will be open and ready. and i drew the mayan chalice card for abundance so i am fully prepared to receive.

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