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2004-10-04 - 9:15 a.m.

the pockmarked concubine's horoscope for me:

This month, Capricorn, it is impossible not to admire your frank, manly faith. You have a good life here. You have nothing to complain about. Things are beautiful and you are comfortable If you are sometimes sick to your stomach it is your own fault Ė itís a feeling you could gain the upperhand on if you tried. This is what you should do: Rise early in the morning and be profitably employed the whole of your day. And donít say you canít do anything Ė you can! You agree with me that this is the secret of life. In eye- be clear. in reason- profound, in heart- earnest, in sociality- ironic, in will- bold, in hand- skillful, in foot- swift, in shape- sexy. This is your prayer for this week: O stars, help me regard my innate ideas as objectively valid. I would like to live as purely in accordance with your laws as inert matter does with natureís.

um, yeah.

< yeah >