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2002-10-30 - 1:12 a.m.

i am known to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains. i stood on the sidewalk outside the bar whose neon sign said nope and fell two steps beside myself. i was most definitely painting the scene before me with barn doors and ex-lover bouncers. with singing bird typos and death guild saints. with pink satin striped birthday corsets and dark angel ballads.

what is up with my arch enemy?

i am so convinced that i will eventually work for nasa. watch me go. since i have been absent from my life for three weeks due to an ass kick by senior flu, i have begun to depart from the now. how very unlike me. and yet i am mentally selling excess materials, burning cd's, strategizing asian freak infiltrations, and of course, finding out whose hiding all of my magnets.

it was the tank top i had when i was eight that continued to define me. it read rain pouring down all night sun coming through early morning [breakfast in the garden] we had a long talk and you so easily provoked to laughter. the [breakfast] part i always said in a whisper. hey, i was eight. it was much better than my mother's tee which read tennis is the only game where love means absolutely nothing.
wrong, mother. wrong again.

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