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2002-12-12 - 9:17 p.m.

i have to interrupt the italia transcriptions. i am so fucked up smitten, i keep intoxicating myself. i finally dealt with LRH aka nameless boy. but he's not nameless anymore. why? because i have balls. titanium fucking balls. i stepped into his path today and said. hi, what the fuck is your name. i'm solar and if you would just come with me behind these shrubs, we could tongue joust and grind. ok. so everything verbal happened. he was nervous and smiling. i was actually making him high. what a fucking rush. it was a movie moment of two too cool getting levelled. and since i left campus, all i can think about is his tongue and his hands. i can feel them everywhere. i could feel them when we finally spoke. i wont stop feeling them until i feel them. and don't you worry, my faithful following, i will spare not a drop. yumm, fucking yumm.

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