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2003-01-07 - 11:20 p.m.

i am blissed out. listening to beck while doing medical marijuana yoga with cosmic after a night of the hobson's choice ron therapy barfly gig kj and i do. life is fucking good. and it's fucking good enough. i believe there is a chance in hell i may actually become a heroine.

you know i love you so.

what must it mean as the vortex of now is filled with such joy and celebration in a whirlpool of shaken patterns and past misery. all chaos is rolling of of my wings as they strengthen themselves for a coming eastward flight. it is now january 8, 2003. 2002 can go fuck itself. i am learning how to live in this body. i am teaching it to sketch galaxies. to love freely. to know pleasure without strings. to offer itself. to taste every grain of salt that falls on my corn cilantro salad. to rock the free worlds. to save the others. go solar.

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