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2005-12-19 - 12:31 a.m.

"believe me it's everything you ever needed it to be" -juno

it's all right here. it's alright here. and you can have all you want. it's beautiful and it was made for you. stop pissing and fucking and fighting over its offspring. it is the ever-flowing wealth. the fountain of ancestral calling. strike strum scream something. bang shread release something. stamp erupt ejaculate something. use it like it's your friend's older sister. let's make it easy. make it hard. make it impossible not to freefall through worm holes into greatness of spirit of science of sound. what, you can't see? you just wore the wrong fucking eyes today. and it's all right here. take it. open you head heart hand. open your god damn mouth and say suck sell something. what does it feel like to be the greatest beautiful fucking loser? to fail gracefully, until the word F A I L itself dissipates into a sea of letters and taglines and billboards and hallmarks and insoles and famous last words. this is your day to un-fail. and just in case you can't drag your lazy, comfortable, self-absorbed brilliance out into sunlight, have no fear because tomorrow is too. and tomorrow's tomorrow, sewn together like porch-strewn tibetan flags, your numbered days to un-fail. it used to be as simple as tying the dog's leash to the handles of the big wheel as she flew through suburbia while wind became the vacuum that blew through your dark dirty days leaving no trace of wreckage. the sound of plastic wheels scraping over blacktop, early songs of freedom. it's your fucking day so make something hurt. exchange fluids. stop filling your holes with what you were told. bang on a fucking drum. no seriously, run around your living room hitting pots in time to your most recent anxiety attack. thud. thud thud thud. it's all music. it's in you from your first breath it's in the air that you choke down. it's everything you ever needed it to be.

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