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2003-02-12 - 5:30 p.m.

bingle is another whitey down south here in foshan. he took me to the ancient temple today where we saw a gong fu school do a short presentation. acrobatics and arials. so graceful and precise. and so young. their flexibilty is amazing because they start so early in the developement of their bodies. foshan is the heart of cantonese opera. the costumes and make-up are spectacular, but the music is not quite flowing into me just yet. i am exhausted today. the weather is becoming tropical quickly. if you look at foshan on a map, you will see we are aligned with the center of mexico. so fuck you winter. eat my dust. and that is precisely why i am waiting to head up north. i just got a gig modeling for a catalogue whic pays 2000 yuan for a couple hours work. good gig. so i'll stick out the month of february doing odd jobs and studying gong fu. then off to be conquered by beijing.

dear diaryland, where are my steamy erotic nights making love to warrior men under blinking neon glow of billboards and night sky. where are my silk robes and opium tea, my barrier crashing and blissful enlightenment...

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