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2004-02-12 - 6:38 a.m.

back in the EST zone, i awake just before sun. when the sky is jet black and the snow covered ground is slightly steel blue. amazing how the frozen terrain gathers the invisible light from an unseen horizon just to pour it into my barely opened eyes. first snow. then sky. then snow. then sky. wonder of life is still present. small seeds of hope still safe beneath a vanishing moon and stars. no, the moon is still here. she has been such a lover lately. she's been dancing through the slats of my window [like her brother would in a few hours] tricking me as i open my eyes under striped rays of an inverted day. she is so silently strong. so i sit at this edge of time. my playground my temple. filled with awe at the turning of systems and tides. exchanging secrets with colors and stories with sound. we are all so still. my reality not yet soiled with the horrors of humanity.

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