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2003-09-07 - 4:47 p.m.

it is a post burning man vibe. we are all still dusty and raging. we are pumping amour into polyamory and it is all over my head and under my body. last night's virgo party at headless point was the continuation of wet dreaming and flesh waking. i was the object of the A's desire. they were passing me off like a precious toy. and the kissing and chaos that padded the walls only made my insatiability deepen. boytoy arrived later in the evening. fortunate was he to be greeted by me, hours into the suare's foreplay. we could not separate our mouths tongues hips. i brought him outside, down to a truck beside the barn and dropped my pants, the hunter's point toxic wind now cooling my ass as he slid his face beneath me. moments before, i was pressed between my couple, the A's, engulfed en route to devour the host. can you not follow me? me neither. and now i stand facing the fabulous red pick-up with boy pressed behind me. how delightfully liberated we've all become. how perfectly enslaved to our desires. i am filling in time until my true love relieves me.

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