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2004-09-17 - 2:07 p.m.

i was leaving grand central station this morning. right near the park avenue overpass was a group of young people standing around a flag pole. i saw a few cameras, which is completely normal for a NY intersection. i cocked my head slightly and locked my gaze as i passed. i was then stopped by a woman who told me i had just been filmed for a TRUTH commercial. you know, the anti-smoking campaign. where people walk by the peaceul street protests with their head cocked. i mean, my reaction was almost textbook. i signed away my firstborn, chatted with the casting agent who gave me a dollar, and found out they would pay me if they used the footage. my hair was still wet and i looked like shit. so instead of appreciating the moment, i fell into the un-cradling arms of vanity. so if you see that commercial, i'll be the dork strutting up the street with genuine curiosity.

and please read this entry.

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