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2004-08-11 - 8:11 a.m.

vermont was beautiful. hiking along the golf course. hiking up and down the mountain on which i spent the first half of my life. seeing old friends and family. our parents discovered sugarbush in the seventies. there is a circuit of second generation sugarbush inhabitants. and we are like cousins and siblings. it was one of us who was wed. it was in the old round barn where my sister had her wedding seven years ago. the drive was beautiful. 5 hours there. spectacular on-the-verge-of-storm-y sky. and blazing sunshine piercing through. and rolling hills that carried me safely there. i stopped at my sisters new house on the way home. they own it. so i said...is this blade of grass yours? is this spot of land yours? her friend had said the same thing. like we have never owned anything of real value before. but the drive was alone. the fucking theme of 31. alone.

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