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2005-03-17 - 10:54 a.m.

i am finally one of those people losing their soul by working for the man. and in this case, the man is a penny-pinching, greedy, manipulative fuck. he is not my direct superior but he is ben's. so his evil seeps into me almost the same.

plans for going back to cali are moving slowly but they are confirmed. i would go tomorrow if i didn't have a wedding in england in june, and if my sister wasn't having her baby in july. and if i didn't need medical coverage anymore. and if i wanted to move back into my mother's house so i didn't have to worry about rent. yeah.

next week, i have an appointment to speak with the head of a great ad agency. i may lose my medical, but i will be gaining better experience and peace of mind. and that's totally worth a $200 med bill from time to time. isn't it? plus, i'm leaving this town in my dust come mid august anyway.

people of the world, remember one thing i have had to learn the hard way, five times...

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