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2002-11-12 - 10:35 a.m.

i was dreaming a wedding. we were in an old mansion with shoddy lighting. it seemed like an abandoned cruise ship. or a scooby episode. i was looking for place cards to know where to sit. i wanted to sit with...who was it...bunny? kj? some safety zone. launch pad. platform. and by the way, kj and i are superheroes. besides frequently biting each other's head off, we catch monkeys, we save babies, we are fancypants style consultants to the stars. we alter time. we use good and well appropriately. we use bad and dirty inappropriately. we are the bread and sauce of the juicy monkey sandwich. we cruise our hovercrafts under the radar. we sometimes go out as energy instead of matter which is fabulous except energy doesn't get to dress up in pink fishnets and wifebeaters. or moonboots and titanium pants. or afros and kimonos. a small drawback of energy escapades. on sundays, we go to salad bar buffets at strip malls before most people wake up. we make up symbols for efficiency.

i do have an afro. ask anyone.

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