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2003-03-31 - 6:15 p.m.

chaoyang gongyuan. chaoyang park. sunday morning, in anticipation of seeing a room, i went to explore the hood. in the art gallery, the nearest attraction to the west entrance, was an exhibition by iranian painter mahmoud farshchian.several of his paintings moved me to tears. then i walked up a winding stairway to a small tower. sprawled on the grass, behind a tree to my right were two fabulous german boys, picnicing in last-nights dress with a blanket, some beers, and identifiably huge grins on their aching faces. they were to my back on the way up but on the way down, we said hello, smiling the whole while, making it clear to each other that this was the best place to go when you saturday night just wont stop. hilarious.

we interrupt this transmission...

as i sat here typing, i got a phonecall from my NEW ROOM MATE. i got the apartment that i hadn't even described above. and guess the fuck what. her name is sunny. sunny and solar. oh how your rays of light wrap around to protect me. a huge park with a rollercoaster in it is my new back yard. oh yeah. my prison term must have just completed. i have to go. i'll tell you more later...

and just so you know, because you don't exist...my entries are totally boring me and have to change. like stat.

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