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2003-10-05 - 10:24 p.m.

inspired directly by the lovely and talented miss s, i am going to list some things that made me happy today. riding in my old friend's convertible on a blazing sunny day, listening to fischerspooner and special ed. recalling the kick-ass party of the previous evening over brunch at digital dan's. boot shopping with the dirty little bitches' foursome intact once again. getting on my jeweled and bedazzled 90's cannondale and criusing through golden gate park at a million miles an hour with my iPod blaring pharcyde arovane pj harvey autechre cheb i underworld under beating sun sweating burning cruising down to the ocean. riding along the boardwalk watching surfers dress and undress. meow. flying back towards dolores park to pass out under a giant chain rail and let the sun dry my sweat. coming home before dark. stretching a kink in my ankle that tweaked a nerve in my head. eating lots of seaweed with my vegan dinner, feeling healthy. getting stoned and watching tv. i earned it.


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