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2004-10-25 - 4:19 p.m.

oh god love the lazy sunday that becomes a game of trivial pursuit, that becomes a dinnerparty with fancy pernod, that becomes a solo stroll to the lower east side to see a boy in a band. i sat alone in the back of an almost empty room and fell into him. now whenever i fall into boys, i immediately imagine him through k-fly and shia's eyes. and as i'm falling and thinking this, i realize...holy shit, he looks like a young sebastiaan. which had nothing to do with why i'm in psuedo love. i'm in psuedo love because he is vocally the lovechild of jeff buckley and thom yorke. and his sister comes up for the last two songs and plays keyboard. and he plays in the middle of all these boys with toys making noise. and i stand alone in the back falling. how could i not? then i get to stroll to my home only ten minutes away where my rock and roll roomie is on all fours dusting at midnight.

and that's not even half of how hilarious she is.

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