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2002-12-08 - 2:09 p.m.

follow me to the end of days i will take your broken reach and pretend to offer relief blocking pulse with tournequet from throbbing torn limbs and precise downfalls you refuse to bleed. blind to how your virtue adds luminescence, my wrath will make you digress to the to the place of never and always ornamental promises that froze in your memory, bronze statues of your infrastructure turning to sand.

i had visions of future in long days of past. measuring my status with coconut oil and bungalow boys who ravished my pefection but ignored my eyes. i am perfectly flawed immaculately deformed human. i can smell complexity. it is the unnecessary scent of fear. even your dog knows it. who has more power than me over me but i slip away when you enter me to observe girl adoring. i melt away and don't decide until the perspriation between us has dried memories of wriststonguecockass vivid as thunder but me i fade i n t o you and we become strangers by morning.

in other unrelated news...
to my san francisco brethren. come to the oxygen bar tonight. i have some great dj's and a speaker on shamanism. i heard 20 or so cirque-de-soleil members have their night off and may come around nine. i hope they come in costume but i doubt it. you can.

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