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2003-04-05 - 2:29 p.m.

i am the sun. i live with sunny. and chaoyang park means sun park. but don't worry, i...i...i...ain't gonna play sun city. and the sun is kicking ass. winter has been such a bully, but on the playground, i always root for spring. a shower and good weather has enabled me to start running again. and i get to run in the park. i run past 70-year-olds doing taichi while my knees ache and new blisters form and i feel so foreign. each lap around this portion of the lake is one mile. perfect. so no math, just motion. the water smelled fishy as i came around one bend this morning and i immediately thought of long island summers with my father. he would take my sister and i bass fishing until 3 in the morning. and it was perfect for him. you see, my father's life is kind of a big fish story. but the confusing part about that for me is, he really does catch the big fish. he just makes sure everyone knows about it. so this was a good memory because he was happy. he was in nature, with his two beautiful daughters(our official title), and he was good at something. my dad is good at everything, except believing that.

the SARS scare is technically over but people are skeptical. there was a huge press conference and china's minister of health did a really good job. but we'll see.

i need to get back to the glorious weather. and another basketball player is coming here to hang tonight.

i love you like room mate out of town.

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