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2005-06-10 - 9:36 a.m.

you send out your letters your minions your pictures your stories your soldiers. you send them out in naked formations, commanding them to sieze me, to anihilate me. i smell the scenes as you describe them. i taste the women on your hands, your lips. i see the beauty you see all around you. for a moment. i can only hold on for a moment.

i imagine what it would be like to walk through your door, startle you awake from your ceiling excursion. you stand up to greet me, unsure of what mood i might be in. will she be playful? you wonder. is she curious? is she manipulating me? in what capacity is she here? and maybe i'll be silent and slow. possibly even distant. or maybe, after slight consideration, i'll draw you into my lips. but i fear if i do, the universe of that moment and all of the letter-soldier history will come storming, crashing down into my mouth and you will ravage me from alpha to omega. if i let you you will. i have imagined it many times. your hunger is fuel. your thirst is bait. your intensity is intoxicating. how far will i let this go?

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