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2004-07-09 - 8:05 a.m.

in too deep. trying to sew together enough patches to at least make a washcloth of sense. innocense in no sense. fell asleep dead tired. dead until 5:39 am. new clarity. new feelings. of course i haven't deciphered them yet.

[thoughts on my 5am jaunt through the woods] silly self-centered rabbit, i'm not running after *you*, i'm just running. chill out with your zig zag getaway. i'm sure your big fish story will go over well with the kids.

[thoughts on my commute to work] i stand in the front car. i ride the first train like i am the one driving. ok, freud, hit me. i wonder- if i had no escape, could i lay flat between the tracks and still survive. and as i am wondering this i see what looks like a skinned white pitbull between the tracks and the third rail. regardless of what it was, it still looked like the wedding cake in steel magnolias.

graffiti is how i want you to talk to me.

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