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2003-02-02 - 11:38 a.m.

it is the second day of the new year. i am trying to pick a chinese name. it has to have xing in it. xing means star. early morning star since, regardless of where on the globe i am, i am cursed and blessed to rise with the sun. early morning star- zaochen xing. we'll see. dan and i just finished a second morning of demon chasing. his gong fu club performs the lion dance for certain restaurants, hotels, homes, etc. the lions scare away evil to insure good luck and prosperity for the coming year. i am warming up to this place. it is a pretty small city and people are less and less shocked by me. i have started speaking mandarin from time to time and it feels so good. of all the cities i've lived in, foshan is oddly similar to poor neighborhoods surrounding florence. the architecture, the festivals, the stores and markets. very interesting. i still plan on heading to beijing in a month. but for now, i have some thing that are becoming important to me. dan has begun to teach me gong fu. we are having lunch with sifu in about an hour. i love sifu(master). he is a small and confident man. i think he will allow me to study with him. his daughter annie is like an interpreter. very cool. we all speak english-mandarin-cantonese together. sifu's mother is a sharp old woman. she gave me tea to get better. everyone here is so beautiful. the babies are practically edible. it is obviously my aesthetic but believe me. beautiful. the best looking man i've seen so far was actually a beggar. in the castro in sf, he'd be snatched up in a eightball heartbeat.

i miss keeping up with my diaryland peeps. i never have that much time online to read as often but please remember that we are eternal. sail with me around the world. and when you are ready, i will be waiting for you with open arms and green tea.

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