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2003-08-17 - 3:36 a.m.

it's 3:36 in the break of sunday morning. it is still summer somewhere on the west coast. i return from a party of prehistoric bliss. the house in the castro. the one whose main floor IS a swimming pool, hot tub, and steam room with 1200 fiber optic lights on 3 separate tracks in an accurate representation of our very own cosmos. we got naked pretty much right after arriving. it was the kind of night where in order to get from the pool to the hot tub, you had to "pay" a toll. and the toll would usually be 2 beautiful people, one sucking on each nipple. hell, i'd cross that toll all day. and kj and boy toy and i smoke and climbed on to the roof. naked. and the city unfolded around us. and we cuddled but not for needing warmth...for the happiness melted over us like capilene patagonia midweight thermals. and we were feeling just lucky enough. and tycho should shave been there. and bella lay listless and marinated in the changing room below us. it was frolicking on pool rafts and trying to further polyamory. it was toyboat toyboat toyboats. it was vibrating rubber duckies. it was sexy reunions. it was wet clean flesh getting dirty. and it was so much my home as i had been partying at this house with it's owner for years. it was a six year old's dream and a DLB's wake. it was a swingin' saturday night on top of the world...or the castro, at least.

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