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2004-11-22 - 6:08 p.m.

the weekend wrapped up nicely. i was a good good host. even if i didn't really put out. there was monster-eoki(we sang rrrorrrorr instead of words), a goddess birthday party in greenpoint with tribal people(like me) shaking some serious booty. and last night, we went to an amazing performance of maracatu. brazillian musicians like you would not believe. they had a video presentation then live music. it was a perfect finale to a rich weekend.

so back to work with new boy. on our lunch break, i took him to the sex museum on 27th street. it was the history of vamp and pinup on the first floor, and sexuality over the last 2500 years in china on the second floor. so very cool. we didn't get through the chinese exhibit because we were so into each thing. but the ticket guy was great and we're going back tomorrow. plus, we have to hit the gift shop.

tonight is our big date. part of why i could not really put out this weekend more than once is because of how i feel about work boy. and tonight i get to see what that's really like. mmm. i'm having italian.

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