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2002-12-15 - 12:08 p.m.

this has been a fabulous weekend. the weather can dictate so much in any direction. yesterday, after i drove p rush to do a musical software presentation, kj called me hungover and claiming to be a bad girl. she literally says, "waaaahh, momma's hungover. momma's been bad." so i tell her to high tail it to my hood to do brunch and therapy until we have to get p rush. she comes over and gets naked. she is the fucking cutest, whining and waahing as she climbs into my shower. then we walk over to clement street. we get some fancy scrambles at the blue danube and talk louder as were realize we are sitting next to a man writing who obviously must be documenting our fabulous lives and brilliant observations. it starts to rain again. ok. so we have no umbrella. we walk home and just after the fruit store, i grab a box we now are wearing as a mini shelter. we are the bomb. we feel our way home under the box head, tripping over cars in driveways, and our thighs still getting wet. our boy stories echoing in our secret chamber now amplifier as we decide to go to yet another coffee shop and wait for p rush. p rush is hungry so we go across the park to another cafe. the rain is heavier and seeming to be in it's relentless phase as we sprint up the street. we enter the crepevine panting and giggling, endorphines taking over and realize there are a million fucking people in there. fuck that shit. we are wet enough. so we stay there for over and hour and play "celebrity look alike" and "who in the room would you fuck" and "movie quotes" and "if you had to be in a box with one person who would it be". i think i already answered that.

i would like to give props to a ms. smartypants for inspiring kj and i to give everybody at boogaloos this morning...the llama.

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