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2002-12-09 - 1:12 a.m.

tonight was so great. it really was. chaka and i began a new salon series monthly at the oxygen bar. the first sunday of every month. k-fly and shia. nevkitty and bunny. breathing room. everyone who greeted me did so with such awe and admiration that it made me confused with my own self doubt. so let me just share it. i wore a turquoise chinese dress with a black kimono shirt over it. i put diamonds under my lids which were dusted with sky blue powder. my hair was soft spirals of craziness. i felt camoflaged in the blueness of the space. i was called radiant. stunning. athena. it was the eyes. i float and stare with love and gratitude. i love you for being a part of my story. and when you look into my eyes you know it is the complete truth. and everyone there tonight who came to see me, hear chaka spin, hear remark speak about shamanism...everyone's eyes said the same thing.

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