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2003-11-18 - 9:09 a.m.

i used to have those moments on the morning bus ride down turk. sun coming up behind the spanish church. music in my head. my headphones. just a moment where my heart begins to lift 3 centimeters(i use the metric system now). and i have no words to explain the peace that washes over me. but just for that second, i know everything is going to be ok. it is like a bliss incense that floats into the room unexpected. and last night, i went out for a cold winter stroll, with a foreign supermarket as my destination. and i walked along the river right near my home. past a german pub with warm and chatty folks inside. past the harbour bar on a christmas-lit japanese house boat. past a couple kissing and smiling at me. past the russian embassy with equisite mosque-like windows. i felt connected in my mongolian russian hat. and walking home, it just hit me. not the words. the incense. circling around me like ghosts of children begging me to dance. and my heart rose in my chest. and my feet lifted off of the ground. and i thought about my home, my soul, my work(my life work, not my job), the boy, my friends, my path. and i knew everything was going to be maybe even more than ok.

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