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2005-07-13 - 8:28 p.m.

so i've been ignoring red flags since i met him. i use the term "met" loosely as we have never actually met. and i do things like this. you know that about me by now. i keep my world unpredictable with all opportunities ever-possible. and i'm very sexual. by now, you also know this.

i could probably give you a list of 17 red flags. in depth. and you would say, yes totally. that is definitely a red flag. so why then is red flag king arriving at your door in several hours? what are the numerous qualities that propel him into your life, into your house, into your bed, into your body? well, he's interesting. and he's different. and he's smart in some ways. and he writes well. and he sends me hope sandoval songs that would melt the nose off a clown (use your imagination). and i affect him. i think that is the biggest draw for me. i am a comet in his black night. and the animal attraction is off the scale. i could fuck the air thinking about him.

so i suppress the "no" voices and i allow myself to get pulled in further. but let me tell you something interesting. today, i was laying on my deck for the first time in just underwear and a tank. the undies were hiked up to expose my creamy white buttocks. and mel and i did some work together. it took a few hours. all the while, i hoped i might get a little pink. so after, sitting in my room, i felt the back of my knees start to burn. oh shit. i think i got a little burn. i kept on working. an hour after that, my legs were en fuego. on fucking fire. i took a cold bath, then put peppermint soap to dry. barely better. then i walked, like a cowboy in diapers, down to the market to buy aloe and calendula gel. en fuego, i tell you. so now, as i type this to you, with a body not rearing for sex, but a body with two giant red flags on its ass, i ask you, is the universe trying to tell me something?

< yeah >