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2004-02-17 - 12:51 p.m.

the skin on my face is on fire. given that i have french blood, my skin has a wide array of freckles, beauty marks, and moles. althought there is little to no skin cancer in my family(knock on keyboard), i still get check-ups to be safe. my marks got good marks but i complained of having a little reddness and a LOT of sensitivity on my face. beijing air, winter wind, who knows why. so she gave me an anti-aging treatment. ugh. raga 5, like retinol, and glycolic acid. so because i am, or was, ignorant, i began puting these highly acidic chemicals on my face. feeling wrong from the get go. i stopped almost immediatly. now, my face is red and blotchy and peeling and severely photo-sensitive. as in, i will fry if i go out without a 60 spf. but i can't put anything on my face so i have to suffer. this is not a sexy situation at all.

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