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2003-03-05 - 4:29 p.m.

again i need the fix.

last night. rave party club. michael teasing me. me working it. you should absolutely pick me up on your moped. that is my drug. my favorite position of the year. you may be driving but i am in control. you should pretend you have no idea i am molesting you from behind. i am bringing my thighs in closer. i am slipping my hands around your hips, your obliques. i am penetrating you with invisible aggressive advances. you are my prisoner. when i tell you i am a used god, you tell me you, michael are my servant. you order me coconut juice at the club. you take me outside just to be alone with me. you take me home early and i am capturing you again. you send text messages to my broken screen phone. i can only read it hurts. it does. it aches. i fall asleep with the invasion of your want. today i pulse.

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