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2002-12-04 - 4:46 p.m.

this is for you my nameless boy. i give you permission to approach me on any given square foot of earth. to look into my eyes with gentle aggression. lean forward and smell the oil behind my neck. linger there with the torment of such suspended proximity. take me on the back of your motorcycle. i will slip my arms around you beneath your leather and i will hold you between my legs and close to my body as if recollecting a morning of soft kisses and licorice tea in bed. i will feel your ass against me and imagine the temperature of your skin. i give you permission to turn around upon arrival and hold your hand at the base of my head. kiss my lips and tongue and chin and nose. take me inside to where you have been stroking yourself in anticipation of this moment. kiss me backwards into your space. kiss me backwards into your room. kiss me down to the corner of the bed. let me take off your jacket, your shirt. lift my shirt before removing it to press your warm torso against the cold steel bars that pierce through my nipples. continue to press your mouth against mine while the weight of your body renders me helpless. i will lift my legs around you. i will feel the potential of yin and yang as you grow harder and more perfect above me. remove my shirt over my head to my wrists now held captive. use your strength to keep me locked open, pretending to struggle as you trace my body with your tongue. and now let me stop you. please stop. stay here like this with me. arms above our heads. torso against torso. slowly pulsing rocking through denim. kiss me like this. come back to me. realize in this moment you have never heard a word uttered from my mouth except the soft strained plea of yes.

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