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2005-02-03 - 6:48 p.m.

having a best friend really makes all the difference in the world.

last night we went to sin-e(pronounced shin-ay) to see a friend of her's from LA perfom in his new trio. he didn't want to be a solo act so he taught his friend to play bass and his girlfriend to play drums. while they were not that great, i enjoyed the show. we split the scene there and went back to my hood to what has become my only repeat (and so my favorite) bar. i can see this bar out of my window. they have jazz here every night at 9:30 and since it was 11on a tuesday, we thought it would be over and mellow. right as we sat down to drink wine a woman came over to collect money for her performance. we told her we were supporters of the arts but we wanted to see them play before giving money. and for some reason, maybe because she was french and fantastic, she wanted to introduce us to the band. so the upright bassist came over and sat with us and told us the story of patricia(pa-tree-see-a). she had gone to martinique for a vacation. to relax and to paint. here, she met a captain of a ship and they fell in love. he was not setting sail for three months so she stayed there, painting and singing jazz in a local joint. she and the captain were planning to sail across the atlantic, but not until she spent some time in NY. she came to NY and met up with her close friend steve, the bassist and narrator of the story. it wasn't until that very evening that patricia told him of her plans to sail away. and though he protested he was not in love with patricia, he seemed devastated none-the-less. and we told him so. and he denied it transparently. so then she came back to sit with us and we teased them and toasted to love. and the rest of their set was like a movie into which we fell. since we had to leave before they finished, we wrapped dollar bills in a napkin with a note about captains and anchors. and we all blew each other kisses as we backed out the door.

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