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2004-05-22 - 10:01 p.m.

hm. in the movie 'kate and leopold'(cable in my mother's house, no comments), there is a scene where someone's fall is mistaken for a suicide attempt. his assigned psychologist is spalding gray. i found that a bit disturbing.

hung out with my father for the first time since all this cancer bullshit went down. and he seemed really good. we went to look for a puppy. then, we went to the docks in northshore, LI, where he used to fish and watch the sunset. let me correct myself. his health seemed good. his personality bugged the shit out of me. he is so weird. it is hard to explain. he is a ghost in a shell. a program. unresponsive. no probing. no improv. we drank beers surrounded by...long island(said with a tone of judgement). after every story i began, he floated off. or shifted his eyes. he wasn't bored. he just seemed so uncomfortable. on the spot. shifty. i hate it. i told him he was unresponsive. and a pain in my ass. he said nothing. but later, after we chilled in my mom's museum room, i said goodbye pain in my ass and he said, i'm working on it.

kids, eh?

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